Unique Snap Surveillance Analytics: a Certified Milestone Integration

Milestone Solution Partner Snap Surveillance has achieved the status of Milestone Certified Solution with its automatic learning analytics integration to XProtect Corporate IP video management software (VMS).   

Snap’s unique User Interface (UI) allows customers to get more effective use from their medium-to-large (100+ camera) networks. It automatically finds relationships between the camera fields of view – both overlap and near overlap. It then presents the camera network to the user in a variety of ways that reduce information overload.

Snap’s integrated solution gives users a highly intuitive video UI for seamlessly tracking persons-of-interest from camera to camera across widespread locations like an airport or shopping center – for both live and recorded video.

To determine the inter-camera relationships, Snap uses straightforward video analytics on individual video streams as a pre-processing step (to determine scene occupancy), then processes the occupancy signals from across the camera network in concert. Snap could be called “multi-camera analytics”, whereas the vast majority of existing analytics process single cameras in isolation. Snap’s patented technology allows this learning approach to scale across thousands of cameras.

Key Snap capabilities include:

  • Peripheral vision: The camera that is the current focus of attention is presented with visually related cameras laid out around it, giving the operator visual context to the scene. Video streams are thereby seen in relation to neighboring video with the unique “Peripheral Vision” display – improving the situational awareness for security personnel.
  • Video pursuit: As a target moves out of the current focus camera, they appear in one of the peripheral cameras. Clicking on that camera switches focus to it, allowing the target to be followed easily throughout the network. The neighboring video streams act as a menu for navigating the network, improving operator ability to follow the action moving around a site, without needing to memorize camera names or positions.
  • Evidence videos: just by following the action, users can produce consolidated videos of everything suspects do while on site, providing rapid and compelling support for investigations.
  • Virtual walkthroughs: security staff can browse around an area of interest, moving from camera to camera, without needing to be physically present or to know each camera’s location.
  • Scalability: Snap scales to networks of thousands of cameras. The larger or more complex the camera network, the greater the benefit for operators in understanding and navigating through that network with Snap.
  • Camera-agnostic operation: Snap’s software requires no special camera functionality and interfaces only to the VMS platform – if Milestone supports the camera, then Snap also will.

The Snap back-end middleware is integrated with live or archived video so it can analyze the video to determine the relationships between camera fields of view. Snap’s end user functionality is integrated with the Milestone XProtect Smart Client user interface, and for both the archived and live video signals, to deliver the peripheral vision, video pursuit and other functionality.

As a relatively new entrant into the global security sector, Snap draws significant value from working with a market leader in Milestone, and being an active partner within the Milestone Open Community. Snap helps deliver a more comprehensive and effective solution for large and often mission-critical security systems, and having our solution certified is an important validation for Milestone integrators and end users of our software: they can be confident in the reliability, stability and performance of the integrated solution. – Simon Langsford, CEO, Snap Surveillance.

The Snap certification documentation includes test parameters and a results summary as well as specifications for optimal installation/operation. The tested versions of the products from both Milestone and Snap Surveillance which were included in the solution certification were Milestone XProtect Corporate 2016 video management software in operation with the Snap Surveillance Force Multiplier.

Making Sense of Surveillance Networks: www.snapsurveillance.com.