Utah Transit Authority Saves Time and Money with IP Video to Optimize Safety for Passengers

Utah Transport Authority (UTA) reports that their Milestone video surveillance solution acts as an early warning system, preventing accidents before they happen. Cameras stationed at bus garages, for example, can zoom in to focus on substances pooling on bus floors to quickly detect if one of the buses has a leak.

Photo credit vxlaThe video system has also been used to prevent more serious incidents. When UTA had a truck stalled on a train track, a camera caught the incident, and a technician called Union Pacific to let them know what was happening. UTA operates in a rail corridor adjacent to a freight line. Once a freight train conductor sees potential danger, he has a limited window of time to be able to stop the train. In this instance, Milestone helped avert a potentially serious accident.

User-Friendly System Makes Everyone’s Job Easier

One of the biggest draws of the Milestone system for UTA was its user-friendliness.

“As opposed to being bombarded with complicated new technology, we were able to navigate the new system with ease. It’s basically point and click, with very clear guiding tabs,”  says A. Lamount Worthy, Video Security Administrator for UTA. “There is a tab for playback, and clocks and icons that logically guide you depending on how you want to manage it. You can train someone in minutes. Everyone who uses Milestone loves it because it makes their job easier.”

The system, camera and server upgrades are done late at night when commuter traffic is minimal. Otherwise, the cameras are always running, which Worthy knows is important to the control center employees. Worthy says UTA’s more than 1,000 cameras are upgraded with no hassle. The situation is a win-win: Worthy gets new system perks but his employees don’t need to be retrained.

“After the first time I use a feature that Milestone has brought to the table, I almost always ask, ‘How did I ever live without this?’” Worthy says, smiling. “It’s a living, evolving system. It used to be that you’d buy a system and when it no longer met your needs you had to start over. With Milestone, you get new features without incurring a huge cost.”

Server-Based System Saves Time and Energy

Stone Security has equipped UTA’s system with monitoring alarms in 19 different locations, mostly in remote bungalows that require navigating through difficult terrain. Before implementing Milestone, an alarm meant that a UTA tech employee had to drive to the location to check the cause. If the employee was based in Salt Lake City heading to a remote place, it could take a half hour each way, which meant UTA had to pay overtime. The Milestone system lets staff access the video remotely; if someone determines the alarm isn’t serious, he does not have to make the trip, which saves time, money and manpower.

Worthy says that his boss does not have to worry about him travelling because of Milestone’s impressive remote capabilities. When away, Worthy is able to access a virtual private network (VPN) and log into the video system to check on its status.

Lamont A“My boss feels confident letting me attend conferences and seminars across the country because they help me ensure we have the best possible system,” Worthy said. “The ability to be thousands of miles away and still easily access the system is priceless.”

For a more comprehensive version of this case study, visit the Milestone corporate website.