Video Integration Boosts Productivity in Packaging Operations

At Senzani Brevetti Spa manufacturing, a video monitoring system has been installed to improve the efficiency of packaging operations for food and beverages, chemical and agricultural goods, as well as home and personal care products.

Senzani Brevetti produces machinery and technologies for automatic primary and secondary packaging, as well as complete production lines. They aimed to ensure constant monitoring and correct operation of the machinery using video surveillance in their packaging system.

For this purpose, they relied on C.OM.I.TEL, a system integrator based in Italy with more than thirty years of experience in the telecommunications, IT, networking and video surveillance market. C.OM.I.TEL is a long-time, certified partner of world-leading video software provider Milestone Systems.

The installation for Senzani Brevetti consists of an entire packaging line protected by a 12m x 3m glass enclosure around its perimeter, accessible from the outside via movable guards. This was outfitted with 8 ultra-high frame rate IP video cameras and a server where footage is recorded and maintained up to 7 days, in compliance with privacy legislation.

The cameras were configured to ingest a very high number of frames per second in order to guarantee high quality images — even in the presence of a very fast rotation mechanism in the packaging machine — and integrated with a Milestone XProtect video management software platform for viewing live or recording.

Custom Timeline Alerts on Malfunctions

Thanks to the flexibility and easy configuration of the solution with XProtect, a timeline was created for each of the integrated cameras, on which any potential malfunctions of the machine are recorded in real time. The footage from the cameras, the reporting of any malfunction alarms and their indexing on the timeline are displayed on a monitor outside the machinery.

With XProtect, the solution correlates the recording activity from the cameras and the control of physical access inside the machinery. When the access door is opened, the cameras immediately suspend both live footage and recordings on the server, then resume automatically when the machine is restarted. This protects the user privacy in accordance with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Increased efficiency and productivity are among the main benefits. If in the past an entire production line required multiple operators to monitor its functioning from the outside, now any malfunction can be displayed in real time on an external monitor.

Without having to check entire recordings, the system now allows the repair staff to immediately identify the moment and the exact point where the malfunction occurred, greatly reducing maintenance time and costs in the event of a breakdown.

“We have chosen to implement Milestone because it is extremely flexible software, yet at the same time very easy to use. In fact, it has turned out to be a continually evolving project. The potential of XProtect’s open platform software design has allowed us to create a totally integrated solution, able to expand for changing needs,” Luca Boschetti, Project Manager at CO.M.I.TEL.

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