Video Surveillance Trends for Small and Medium Businesses – Part 2

The typical owner of a small or medium business tends to have more limited knowledge and experience of video surveillance. In response, we have taken some steps to simplify installation and use of our video management solutions (VMS).

One of the main steps toward simplification is providing an “all-in-one” appliance with the software pre-installed and configured, as we do with our Milestone Husky line of NVRs. Another area of simplification is Automation. We have defined essential default behaviors, provided wizards and automated configuration that cover 80% or more of everyday video management scenarios.

SMBs tend to have limited expertise and experience in configuring video systems whereas Milestone has more than 15 years of experience with hundreds of thousands of customers and scenarios. We are therefore ideally positioned to use our expertise to set defaults and automate behavior that in most cases is exactly what is needed. We offer best practices out-of-the-box which helps to reduce the specialized knowledge and training requirements for the people using the video.

Another way to simplify the user experience is by providing users access from anywhere with easy and intuitive client interfaces. The freedom to access their system at home, at the job or on the go makes it easy to stay on top of things and have peace of mind that if something needs attention, action can be taken from anywhere at any time.

Yet another way to simplify is to provide access to targeted information – the information you need when you need it. Milestone has created self-paced, online eLearning modules that are very task and role specific so people can easily learn what they need when they need it. The materials are also available remotely in five languages on tablets for checking tasks when on the job.

Combining these performance-designed learning tools with in-product wizards and automation greatly reduces the learning curve and improves usability by those who may only access their system less often, or who have high turnover in their staff.

At the same time as we’ve created these simplifications, we still provide access to all functionality in “advanced” modes for those 20% who encounter the situations of wanting to be able to tailor any specific part of the video system for custom needs in your business. Most people may want to tailor only one aspect of the system, so the automated behavior is valuable to everyone, sometimes just as a first step of set-up but most often as the only setup required.


Matt Fishback
Matt Fishback

by Matt Fishback, Business Development Manager, Milestone Systems