Video Technology Tracks Drug Houses; Moves Hartford from Safe City to Smart City

Police in Hartford, Connecticut, are using the latest video technology from Milestone, Axis Communications and BriefCam to ensure a Safe City.

On a visit to their advanced Capitol City Crime Center (C4), Milestone CTO Bjorn Eilertsen got a personal demo from Sgt. Johnmichael O’Hare showing how BriefCam video synopsis integrated within the Milestone XProtect Smart Client puts intelligent video analytics at his fingertips.

Hours of video with collapsed time tracking can gather the evidence of all foot traffic paths to buildings for fast overview.

One house has such volume of foot traffic to its door that it’s obvious – within just minutes – where the drugs are being sold. In the past, detectives had to stake out suspected locations, freezing for days and nights on end in cars or on rooftops.

Now: both time and resources are saved; crime is addressed and reduced.

The sergeant said that the technology enables Hartford to move towards more than just a Safe City, to his vision of a revitalized community – a Smart City – now possible with the limitless capabilities of video integrations taking them beyond conventional policing applications and contributing to new hope for what was a challenged town.

See the video demo on tracking drug houses:

See the full video on the City of Hartford C4 command center:

Check out the full case study on Hartford’s ground-breaking use of technology: