Vienna Technical Museum Exhibits Video-Enabled City of the Future

The “Future of the City” special exhibition at the Museum of Technology, Vienna provides information about the development of urban living spaces. Here Milestone Systems together with ESSECCA, SALTO and Sony show the use of integrated video monitoring and access control, based on the example of a waste management scenario.

Photo credit William Murphy Around half the world’s population today already live in cities and thus on only two percent of the world’s surface – and more than two thirds of the population are estimated to be living in cities by 2050. The city is the undisputed living space of the future. But there are issues about organization, diet, living accommodations and mobility. The inhabitants of urban spaces have different needs and constant innovation is required. In the two-year-long “Future of the City” exhibition open since the beginning of June 2016, the Museum of Technology in Vienna has shown different perspectives from which the subject can be approached.

Security in Urban Spaces

In cities of the future, security will play a greater role than ever before because they will be much larger and more interconnected than they are today. At the same time, video solutions, access control and alarm management will also play a significant role. In order to show the potential applications , the integration firm ESSECCA and the Museum of Technology designed one section of the special exhibition. Based on a waste management room, visitors can delve into access control and video monitoring. The areas include citizen-city-networking as well as access to public institutions.

The background to this is that the waste management room can only be used by persons who live or work there, who are authorized to dispose of their garbage. This can also be expanded to bulky waste collection centers to which authorization can be granted based on license plate identification.- Michael Reiner, authorized officer at ESSECCA GmbH.

In Austria, ESSECCA develops solutions for all buildings that offer a high degree of security and are convenient to use. They offer expert advice, technology and installation right through to system integration, maintenance and servicing. Besides electronic and mechanical access solutions, the product and solution portfolio includes alarm and video systems as well as intercoms and mechanical door controls in all building sizes and business segments.

User-friendly and Intuitive

For video monitoring and equipment in the Museum of Technology in Vienna, the XProtect Corporate solution from Milestone Systems was used as it offers open IP video management software. The integrated solution with various external systems means we have the greatest possible flexibility. From the customer’s point of view, operation of the software is also a major factor: even with the extensive functions that Milestone products offer, the system is very user-friendly and scores with intuitive operation. There are many options for evaluating the data, from simple observation to the rendering of images where movement has taken place at a defined location. For the Museum of Technology in Vienna, alarm management is of paramount importance. This was combined with access control from SALTO for the security of the building. As soon as an alarm is triggered, the Milestone System activates the right camera and prompts automatic recording of the images. – Michael Reiner

A ramp leads into the exhibition in the Museum of Technology in Vienna, which is recorded by a 360-degree fisheye camera from Sony to count the people who enter the competition and how many of them visit the area of the control station or the waste room. Visitors can also play with the control unit of the camera themselves: a touch monitor with a four-part video Smart Wall from XProtect Corporate is mounted in the entrance hall.

A central administration panel enables efficient system management, including all cameras and security devices irrespective of the size or distribution across several locations. In addition, XProtect offers enhanced video data pruning functions and encryption, which help organizations reduce the cost of video storage and at the same time ensure the integrity of video evidence, as well as complying with industry-specific and government regulations.

In the view from another Sony camera on display is the waste management room of the future. This is an alarm monitor, which shows the ESSECCA logo in normal operation and the image from the camera is activated by the video management software only in the event of an alarm. It takes into account the situation with which the security personnel in a city or in a large facility would be faced, where 300 cameras or more are often installed. However, many systems cannot monitor individual people and detect irregularities at the same time. Therefore, alarm monitors are defined which show an image from the most suitable camera as soon as an alarm is triggered—for instance, an access control or a motion activated alarm. Those who monitor only need to observe alarm monitors to receive all the important information. In the exhibition, the alarm is triggered by a door opening, where the door fitting is connected to the access control system via wireless connection.

The fourth video system view displayed on the Milestone XProtect Smart Wall is where all the alarms are listed that have already been detected.

Smartphone Access via Bluetooth

Access control takes place on another monitor in the entrance hall, which enables the door to be opened. This works via the ProAccess SPACE management software from SALTO and JustIN Mobile BLE mobile access technology. This mobile access solution enables people to open the doors via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled smartphone technology. The SALTO Mobile App uses a Bluetooth interface to communicate with the electronic door components. Visitors to the exhibition enter their name and cellphone number on the screen on the video wall and receive the mobile key to the automated access authorization on the smartphone app. This takes place “Over the Air” (OTA) using the latest state-of-the-art encryption. Using the cellphone key, they can then release the door locking mechanism, open it and enter the room. Inside the entrance hall, a talking waste bin with the words “Thank you for your garbage” awaits visitors!

The openness to discuss and demonstrate innovations and products which are just emerging or are trailblazing is particularly important to us. We have opted for these products because the ‘networking-controlling-monitoring’ areas of conflict can best be served directly in the personal domain. – Lisa Noggler-Gürtler, exhibition curator in the Museum of Technology, Vienna

Already, this small installation shows what can be possible in cities in the future. If access to certain areas would only be possible by authorized persons, more security can be ensured. At the same time, the requirements for the exhibition show for the integration of several solutions like video, access and alarm management is important.

Milestone Systems has always attached great importance to a partner ecosystem that uses the open platform to collaborate. Now the company is going one step further and establishing an Open Platform Community. The result is a network in which Milestone, its partners and customers are interlinked in order to benefit from mutual exchange. Analogous to the smartphone App Stores, Milestone will have its own marketplace for partner applications on the website.

Read the full Museum of Technology press release on the Milestone Systems newsroom.

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