Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage Delivers High Quality, Unlimited Video at Low Cost with Milestone, LucidLink

The hot cloud storage company Wasabi is now offering customers of Milestone Systems a highly scalable repository for video management installations, with support for high camera counts, high frame rates, and long retention periods. Wasabi and Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) together provide an affordable cloud storage solution for high quality video surveillance infrastructures, including high-definition and megapixel camera environments.

A unique capability of Milestone XProtect VMS is its dual-stage archiving functionality, which enables customers to record primary “day one” storage on local (and more expensive) hard drives, then schedule transfers of the recorded video to Wasabi for long-term storage. The amount recorded will not be limited to the size of the on-premise recording database, being able to scale as needed based on retention policies.

“The Wasabi/Milestone XProtect combination provides a very affordable cloud storage environment for high quality video surveillance. There doesn’t have to be a limit to the length of time users can keep video. This protects organizations and video evidence for law enforcement, risk analysis and more,” says David Friend, CEO of Wasabi.

The Wasabi-Milestone partnership includes the following benefits:

  • Customers gain affordable scalability. Wasabi’s pay-as-you-grow option avoids heavy capital expenditures for storage acquisition, as well as costly maintenance, training, hardware and software upgrades.
  • Video storage costs that are predictable. The architecture is designed for high reliability and availability to meet the space and data demands of video surveillance deployments. Wasabi does not charge for egress fees or API requests, for a cost-effective solution, and there is only one line-item on monthly bills, for storage used.
  • Keep data safe, secure, and tamper-proof. Wasabi is deployed in fully secure and redundant data centers that are certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance. Wasabi protects data against disk failures, media errors and accidental or malicious deletions or modifications—ensuring video is never altered or destroyed.

To tie the Milestone and Wasabi solution together, a file system bridge is powered by partner LucidLink and is used to span the XProtect file system and Wasabi S3 interface. With this solution, the video is accessible from anywhere, anytime, with a highly reliable architecture. Wasabi supports comprehensive user authentication, access control mechanisms and strong encryption to safeguard stored data.

David Friend concludes: “Milestone products combined with LucidLink and Wasabi hot cloud storage provide a surveillance and security solution with unlimited scalability at a disruptively low storage cost, so businesses can easily store and access the rising tsunami of data being recorded.”

Find more details on Wasabi hot cloud solutions at the Milestone Marketplace.

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