What is an IP-based Video Management System (VMS)?

Before IP-based networks, the security industry relied on Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems, which put the “closed” feature front and center. Analog, coax-based video systems were a huge undertaking, plagued with an acute level of proprietary equipment with no common tools or procedures across manufactures.

Most in the security industry — integrators and manufacturers alike — saw the potential in the convergence of video and IP networks to advance surveillance and develop new opportunities to protect more people, more properties, and more communities with even more accessible, interoperable, and useful technologies.

As the name implies, Video Management Software (the VMS) is the platform that brings together all the components of a video network. The VMS provides the user/integrator with the tools necessary to manage, control, and support all the many devices, components, and subsystems involved. The VMS also manages the many different user types, tailoring to their specific needs and permissions levels.

Seasoned security teams know how to develop effective surveillance zones and system capabilities for optimum security and surveillance. Conversely, IT professionals are the architects and managers of the networks that provide the tools and technologies far beyond the capabilities of the closed analog systems of years past.

Opportunity exists when subject matter experts from both industries cooperate in deploying robust, highly secure surveillance systems that capitalize on the advances of both IT and security technologies.

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