Women in Cybersecurity — What Is Holding Us Back?

It is no secret that women are under-represented in the cybersecurity industry across the Australia/New Zealand region.

Despite recent census results indicating that women comprise 45% of the working population across all professional industries, and 28% of the technology industry, according to figures released by the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd., those numbers are closer to 10% in the cybersecurity industry.

With the world in a state of unprecedented turmoil at present, the cybersecurity industry has never been more important for ensuring personal, economic, and national wellbeing. A robust and diverse workforce with wide-ranging skills and depth of experience is essential for providing balance, safety, and continuity to both the industry and countries at large.

While great things are being done with coding and robotics now in schools, and STEM programs seem to drive more women towards general technology jobs, there is little to no direct discussion about cybersecurity industries, and the pathways towards those careers remain unclear. Yet, the dynamic cybersecurity industry offers abundant opportunities for fresh graduates and even mid-career professionals.

In today’s world, interconnectivity exists between cameras, software, access control, alarms and audio, analytics, and so much more. This makes for a rich and fascinating industry — but there seems to be a lack of knowledge about this in the wider community.

Perhaps, people are unaware of the rich and diverse career paths, ranging from governments to so many industries all available to professional women via the cybersecurity vertical.

The cybersecurity and technologies industry have all the tools it needs to lead the way in reshaping our new normal. We can start to level the gender playing field for a more inclusive, happier, and more equal world.

By Anna Schreiber, Channel Business Manager for the Asia-Pacific at Milestone Systems.

Read more about the factors holding women back from joining the security industry in the full article that ran in October 2020 on SecurityBrief Australia.